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SEO Consultant Newcastle – Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Consultant

SEO consultant Newcastle based: this might be a term that you are currently searching. But, what do you do with the search results? How do you know which one of the many results is the right one for you? Here are just three very simple questions that will help you make the right decision.

When searching for a SEO Newcastle or North East specialist, you need to find out about their experience. Your first question should be ‘May I see a list of past and present clients?’ A reputable consultant with a history of successes will be more than willing show you the campaigns they have worked on. If they are hesitant, or you have never heard of any of the companies on the list, then it may be time to walk away. If you get a positive response to this question, then the next one to ask is, ‘how will you undertake search engine optimisation for my business?’ Now, be aware that they might not want to give you the intricate details; after all this is their livelihood and they need to keep some trade secrets. However, they should give you enough detail to show you that they understand what it takes to improve search engine rankings. Finally, but possibly most importantly, you need to know whether the SEO North East based consultant that you choose will play by the rules. The question here is ‘do you observe the search engine’s webmaster standards?’ The answer to this really needs to be yes. Failure to do this could see your site sink very low in the search engine rankings, or even be banned from the engine altogether.

At Digital Sprout, I strive to answer all your questions as fully as possible. I am the SEO consultant Newcastle and North East wide business of choice for a growing number of companies. To see why, explore my website at And if you want to know more, call me for a chat on 01833 690229.

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