SEO North East – Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO North East

An increasing number of businesses are investing in professional SEO North East based, as more and more company owners realise the importance of this to the success of their business. Without SEO in place, you aren’t going to be visible on the web, and this can have devastating consequences. However, you do need to make sure you implement SEO successfully. Below, we reveal some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid.

  • Failing to use 301 redirects – ‘301 redirect’ is when someone types in your old URL and then they are redirected to your new, updated URL. This is vital because it ensures you do not miss out on existing clients or dilute site authority when re-branding.

  • Not having an XML sitemap – Another common error regarding SEO Newcastle is not having an XML sitemap in place. An XML sitemap is important, as it tells search engines, such as Google, exactly what pages to index. It also displays the hierarchical relationship between all of your individual pages.

  • Ignoring local SEO – If you serve customers in a physical location, i.e. you are not entirely online-based, there is no point in hiring a SEO company North East based if you are not going to take advantage of local SEO. It is important to appeal to customers in your local area, as there is less SEO competition and thus you are guaranteed to rank higher.

  • Overlooking image tags – Images are imperative for adding to content and making it more appealing and engaging. Nevertheless, if you do not have image tags in place, they are going to be virtually invisible to the average search bot.

  • A website that is too slow – Last but not least, did you know that page speed can have an impact on SEO? SEO North East professionals aim to make sure your load time is faster than two seconds, as Google uses site speed as a ranking factor for SEO.